Brighstone Bells

The two extra bells for Brighstone were cast at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in London last Friday, 3rd February.

I’ve put some photos and a movie file of the casting on my web page, There is also a link there to a YouTube video on how bells are made at Whitechapel if you want to see all the work involved. There are quite a few more pictures available that we could use to make up a display, I can make some available for the PCC meeting on the 9th if you would like a look.Photos by Rachel Ruszczyk and Steve Noyes.

Only seven of us were allowed to visit and be lucky enough to go along for the casting, and we also saw the new extension to the bell frame that is ready for galvanising. The Channel 4 TV crew were in for the bells being cast in the afternoon. After that, there will be just one more batch of bells cast before the foundry closes in May.

We’ve no idea what the bells look like yet … they will be left to cool until next week before being taken out of the moulds & cleaned up, ready for tuning to match our existing bells. Steve Noyes.