Baptism & Confirmation

Baptisms are happy occasions and it is good to be able to follow on from the joy of the baptism service with a celebration in church – on this occasion with a strawberry tea!  Below are some frequently asked questions about Baptisms.

Alice Baptism 1

Strawberry Tea at Chale Church


Alice Baptism 2




Q What’s the difference between a Baptism and a Christening?

None, they are just different words for the same thing.

 Q Can we have a private service of Baptism?

Baptisms usually take place in the church’s main service, because they are a public declaration that your child has become part of the church family. It is important that the church congregation is there to support you and welcome your child.  However, personal circumstances may make this difficult, please discuss this with the minister.

Q What is the right age for Baptism?

Baptism can happen at any age.  What matters is that those concerned are committed to bring up a child as a Christian.  Teenagers and adults may also be baptised.  This is celebrated with Confirmation by the Bishop.  You can only be baptised once, but there are ways of renewing your Christian commitment publicly as an adult – the minister will be able to advise you.

 Q I’m not a regular churchgoer.  Can I still have my child baptised?

Yes.  The Church believes that God’s love is available to all, regardless of their background. Your vicar can talk you through the options: you might prefer to have a Thanksgiving service first and then consider baptism when you have had time to talk through what is being asked of you.

You may also wish to find out more about the Christian faith and what joining the Church involves before you make a decision about baptism.  Again, the minister can give you guidance.

Q What does it cost?

A Baptism service is free, though there may be a small charge for a certificate.  Please check with the minister.

Q How do we arrange a Baptism at our parish church?

If you would like any information on Baptism or Confirmation, please contact the church office.