The Churches

St. Mary the Virgin Brighstone

St. Mary's Brook

St. Peter & St. Paul Mottistone

St. Andrew's Chale

St. Peter's Shorwell

We also have strong links with the Methodist Churches in Brighstone and Shorwell. The Shorwell Methodists have a monthly United Service with Shorwell Church, and in Brighstone we regularly meet together for special occasions.

Click here for more infomation about Brighstone Methodist Church & Shorwell Methodist Church.

Information about the Five Churches

Brighstone ChurchSt. Mary the Virgin Brighstone

We extend a warm invitation to you to join us for worship, or any other parish activities.

In Brighstone we seek to serve our village community by providing a variety of worship styles, using the Prayer Book of 1662, (the BCP), the new Prayer Book, Common Worship (CW), as well as less structured styles of worship.

Here's what the mystery worshiper had to say about St. Mary's after a recent visit


Brook ChurchSt. Mary's Brook

St Mary's Church Brook is visible for many miles, and serves to remind us of the presence of God within our community, and testifies to his goodness.


Brighstone ChurchSt. Peter & St. Paul Mottistone

The Church has seen many alterations since its origin in the 12th century. Much of the visible architecture dates from the 15th century. The screen in the cheke chapel was designed by John Seely, 2nd Lord Mottistone, and errected in 1948 in memory of his father.


Chale ChurchSt. Andrew's Chale

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Shorwell ChurchSt. Peter's Shorwell

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