Request a prayer

Prayer is the life of the Holy Spirit in our lives. It animates us, it restores us, and it is the practice of the intimacy with God for which we were created.
It is our way of talking to God, and it is His way of talking to us. What is expressed in prayer is the union between us creatures and our Creator.
We sometimes worry about the words we use when we try to pray, but in fact, whatever words we choose, God gave them to us. We might not know what to pray for, but truly Our Father knows what we need before we ask him.
We never pray alone, but always with the whole church. We might ask our friends to pray for us, but even if we do not, prayers are still offered for us, day and night, throughout the entire world: in churches, in people’s homes, in monasteries and convents, and wherever Christians gather to pray.

Words courtesy of St Mary Magdalen, Oxford,

In our Churches we have a special place where, every day many visitors light a candle and leave requests for prayers and thanksgivings.  These requests are offered, either aloud or silently, at the next service after they are received.  They are also used in the private intercessions of those who share in the ministry here.

For those who cannot come and leave their requests in person, please use our online prayer board below.  All online requests are treated in exactly the same way as their paper equivalents.