PCC and JPCC Minutes and Agendas

Minutes for the current church year, can be found by clicking on the links below.  Previous minutes are available through the PCC Secretaries.

The PCC secretaries are as follow: Yvonne Hide (Shorwell), Rodney Hogg (Brook with Mottistone) and Alison Mascarenhas (Brighstone).  If you would like to make contact with the secretaries, please contact the church office.
Churchwarden and PCC Role Descriptions

PCC Meetings Plan for 2017/18


PCC Meetings Plan for 2016/17

Meetings Plan 2016

Services & Meetings Plan 2016

Living Together Plan

Click here to read the Archdeacon’s ‘Living Together’ document, the Island one deanery plan.

Deanery Synod Meeting Information

Synod Minutes 11.05.2016

Annual Parochial Church Meeting Information

APCM Report 2016-2017
APCM Report 2015-2016
Minutes April 2016
APCM Report 2014-2015

Joint Parochial Church Council Information

JPCC Minutes and Agendas
Minutes September 2016
Minutes March 2016
Agenda Special JPCC Meeting 09.03.16
Minutes – November 2015
Minutes – September 2015
Minutes – April 2015
Minutes – January 2015

Individual Parochial Church Council Information

Brighstone PCC
Minutes 09.02.2017
Minutes 18.12.2016
Minutes 20.10.2016
Minutes 21.07.2016
Minutes 09.06.2016
Minutes Fabric Minutes 02.02.2016
PCC Agenda 04.02. 2016
Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 18.10.15
Draft Minutes 08.10.2015
Minutes 09.07.2015
PCC Agenda 09.07.2015
Fabric Committee Minutes 07.05.2015
Fabric Minutes 11.03.15

Brook and Mottistone PCC
Minutes 09.03.2017
Minutes 13.10 2016
Minutes 02.06.2016
Minutes 04.02.2016
Draft Report of Buildings Committee
Draft Minutes 08.10.2015
Minutes 30.07.2015
B&M Conservation Improvement Programme 2015
Brook Quinquennial Summary Report Feb 2015
Mottistone Quinquennial Summary Report February 2015
Brook with Mottistone Financial Report 2014

Shorwell PCC
Minutes 16.05.17
Minutes 07.02.17
Minutes 19.10.16
Extra-Ordinary PCC Meeting 12.3.16
PCC Minutes 08.12.15
Minutes 18.11.2015
Extra-Ordinary PCC Meeting 08.11.15
Minutes 21.10.2015
Minutes 08.07.2015
Minutes 29.04.2015
Minutes 25.02.2015

Accounts Information

Brook with Mottistone PCC FINANCIAL SUMMARY – For Year to June 2015

2013 Final Accounts St Mary’s Brighstone

Fees Information

2016 Fees Table