What is Taizé?

A tiny village in the eastern part of France, it has been the home of an ecumenical community of brothers, founded by brother Roger in 1940, whose prayer, three times each day, is at the center of their life. Today Taizé is a place of pilgrimage for visitors of all ages and from all over the world.  Sharing in the life of the community, they look for ways of living lives of prayer and commitment in their own local situation “a contemplative people, thirsting for God; a people of justice, living the struggle of the exploited; a people of communions, where the non-believer also finds a creative place”.* This is often achieved through the music of Taizé.

What is Taizé music?

The music is based on the use of short musical phrases with easy to sing melodic units that are readily memorized by everyone. Supported by cantors and musical instruments, the songs in European languages, including English, or Latin can be learnt within minutes! Singing in Latin removes the need to know individual languages and can sound amazing too.

Why bring Taizé to Brighstone?

In about 1190, the first chapel was built in Brighstone and gradually grew into the beautiful church we know in the village today. “Imagine the generations of villagers who have entered this building, week after week, to worship God and offer their lives to him. Generations of
prayer and love have made the church a living community.  It is a place where God continues to be worshipped – a holy place.”** (Over the past 18 years, the Brighstone Christmas Tree Festival has provided visitors from all over the Island and the Mainland with a glimpse into how St Mary’s church touches the lives of the community while raising money for Island
charities.)  Bringing Taizé to Brighstone will enable more people – Christian and non-Christian – to come together, united in prayer and song. The result will be a truly spiritually uplifting experience for everyone who comes.

*Extract from ‘First Letter to the People of God’ by a group of young people at Taizé
** From the guide to St Mary’s Church, Brighstone.

More information about Taizé can be found on the Taizé website, www.taize.fr.