Youth Trips 2015/6


There have also been several ‘weekend’s away’ organised by Youth leaders, which have been great fun for all who have taken part.  These have included, camping at Foxlease in the New Forest, staying in Burley Youth Hostel, camping at Corfe on the Island and trips to Wales.  These are open to all, young and old alike and are a fantastic way of meeting new people within the church and becoming part of the church family.

Carry on reading for accounts of the latest trip to the Brecon Beacons and 2016’s trip to the Medina Valley Centre, including some photos……

2016 Trip to the Brecon Beacons – August

2015 Trip to the Brecon Beacons – August

Well, this was our 3rd trip to the lovely area of the Brecon Beacons and it came and went with a splash! This was our biggest trip to date, with two minibuses and nineteen people, twelve of them young people. It was also our most ambitious, including a morning on the Wye, thus the splash, as four members acquainted themselves with the chilly waters of the fast-moving river.
Andy Dorning, our SWAY Youth Worker came along and kept us thinking with a thought for the day each morning. We travelled to Wales on Wednesday afternoon and returned Saturday morning (might we not make it one day longer next time, I ask myself?).
On Thursday, we made our way up Waun Fach via a pretty steep gully, which had everyone puffing and panting, but delighted when we came out on top for a spot of lunch part 1! The route down along a delightful arrete gave some remarkably clear views of all around. Andy, Susannah and Peter walked back to camp for the minibus whilst the group reached the appointed pick-up point and one or two promptly slept in the quiet country road whilst waiting for the lift!
In the evening after a game of FLEA, all went to the local pub for a game of Killer pool which Kali did particularly well in, though Andy Michelmore eventually prevailed with his vast student experience.
Day 2 was down to the Wye for a canoeing expedition. This was such fun. The water was fairly high on account of quite a lot of recent rain, so there were some interesting rapids. Upon approaching one of the worst rapids, Jack and Jude decided to have a splashing battle with Holly and Ellie, rather than keeping their eyes on the rapids. This resulted in Jude narrowly escaping a dunking whilst his partner went straight in and the next boat containing Pete (our redoubtable cook), Susannah and Jennifer capsized. Four very wet people eventually got back aboard their canoes. It was a great morning!
In the afternoon, we had lunch looking up to Hay Bluff and then went up to the summit in a direct and very steep line. This was hard work, but what views at the top …? So worth it!
Next we needed a cup of tea, so we drove down to Hay on Wye for well-deserved tea and a cake.
In the evening, as darkness fell, we dropped the young people a mile or so from camp and told them to find their way back. This was not greeted with universal acceptance and pleasure, but much fun was had in making the journey back to tents through field and forest.
So ended an excellent few days. We are already thinking about next year!

B.I.G. Weekend at Medina Valley Centre 28th February – 2nd March

by Peter Johnson

What a weekend! 33 of us stayed at the Centre and 8 others joined us for parts of the weekend, as well as a healthy number joining us for worship on Sunday morning.

After so much rain and dark weather, we woke up to bright sunshine and blue skies on Saturday morning, which made us glad.

After some enjoyable craft activities following breakfast, we engaged in a frantic round of games of Muggle Quidditch on the field near the Centre. There were 3 teams, mixed in age and gender, all eager to prove their prowess on a makeshift broom. There were chasers, bludgers and a seeker in each team. There was a snitch, released moments before the end of each game. What fun! To say that it was entered into with enthusiasm, would be an understatement!

We went to Parkhurst Forest for our lunch – sausages and rolls cooked on an open fire – and then did some mountain biking and orienteering. Ben and Andy, Angela, Bob and Emma managed to get themselves lost!

The concert in the evening, where all were encouraged to contribute, was one of the highpoints. With Jerry and Ross performing a couple of Queen covers with attitude and style, Matt giving a trumpet solo, Lucy and Megan singing “Trouble”, and Ellie giving us a beautiful rendition of Bruno Mars’ “When I was your woman”, we were very well entertained for over an hour. There were others who played their part and made it an evening to remember.

Sunday morning was a relaxed affair, with folk from St Mary’s joining us for a Big Worship, which Ben led so well. This was on the theme of Renewal and he spoke well in this for all to hear.

After coffee, we enjoyed a final meal before packing up and going home.

What a good time was had by all. Roll on the next Big Weekend – June or July at Corfe Camp?

Enjoy photos from the 2014 Medina Valley Weekend